The 31/12/2015

Message du Chef de l’Etat à la Nation à l’occasion de la fin d’année 2015 et du Nouvel An 2016

Yaoundé, the 10/02/2015

Discours du Chef de l'Etat S.E.M Paul Biya à la Jeunesse Camerounaise à l'occasion de la fête du 11 février 2015

The registrations

Any Cameroonian present in the spanish territory should present himself to his Embassy. Those who reside continually in Spain should be registered in the Embassy.

With the Consular registration, the Embassy can follow up the cameroonian community in the State it covers, and grant them in case of necesity the appropriate protection. The non- registration doesn’t lead to the loss of the cameroonian nationality, but, the national who is not registered can loose some advantages or ights, namely those related to ancienty, either toward the spanish authorities or the same Embassy. Moreover, only registered citizen and holders of a valid Consular Card can be delivered, eventually, a certificate of good behaviour by the Embassy.

The Certificate of good behaviour is delivered upon presentation of a valid Criminal record, bulletin nº3, that doesn’t mention any condemnation in charge of the applicant, and after verificated that the spanish authorities have never called negatively the attention of the Embassy on the conduct of the applicant.

The registration is free of charge. Any Cameroonian registrated should be delivered a Consular Card valid for one year. The renewal of the said card is also free of charge.

Any Cameroonian who desire to be registerd should apply by a stamped (stamp fees : 2 euros)  letter to which are attached the following documents:

- Three passport size photographs 
-  A photocopy of the passport with validity, the birth certificate
   or the Cameroon identity card of the applicant 
-  A proff of the residence in Spain (Spanish DNI o  certificate
   of empadronamiento)
- The justification of the profession

For the renewal, the applicant should attached to the stamped application letter a duely filled registration form where he indicates the eventual changes of his profession or address and the justification of the new profession. The expired consulard card should also be attached.

The children borned out of Cameroon cannot be registerd if their birht certificate has not been prealably transcripted by the territorially competent Cameroon Embassy.

The registration application will be turned down if there exist any doubt on the cameroonian nationality of the applicant.