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Message du Chef de l’Etat à la Nation à l’occasion de la fin d’année 2015 et du Nouvel An 2016

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Discours du Chef de l'Etat S.E.M Paul Biya à la Jeunesse Camerounaise à l'occasion de la fête du 11 février 2015

The visas

The visas applications are received on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as from 9 :30 a.m to 1 p.m. The withdrawal should be done (48) hours following the reception of the complete visa application file in the Embassy, and until 3 p.m.

 Download here the visa application form

 Any person travelling to Cameroon  from a country where does not exist neither a Cameroon Embassy nor a Cameroon consulate, can, exceptionally, obtain an entry visa in the frontier or immigration police of their entrance point.

Categories of the Visas


Entries and Exits
Transit visa
Traveller in transit
No more tha five (05) days
One or more
Tourism visa
Temporary visitor travelling for touristic purpose
No more than thirty (30) days
One or more
Temporary visa
Foreigner with a stay that does not exceed three (03) months
No more than three (03) months
One or more
Long duration visa
Foreigner who intend to stay for more than three (03) months
No more than six (06) months
One or more

Documents to be presented in support of an application for visa:



Transit visa
- A passport with a minimum validity of six months

An air ticket valid up to final destination or any other document showing proof of continuity of  journey

- Entry visa into the country of final destination
- The required internatiomnal vaccination certificates
- Visa fees: 90 euros
Temporary visa
- A passport with a minimum validity  period of  six months
- An air ticket or any other to and fro travel document, or   a reservation showing  dates of departure to,   and return from Cameroon.
- Required international vaccination certificates
- An affidavit of accomodation issued by the person in charge of lodging the visitor, testified by the visa of the competent  municipal  councillor, or an invitation letter to a ceremony taking place within the national territory, or even a hotel reservation for the duration of  stay
- A mission order  for official missions
- Visa fees: 90 euros
Long stay visa
- Passport with a minimum validity period of six months
- An air ticket or travel document valid up to Cameroon
- Required vaccination certificates
- Repatriation   guarantee
- An employment contract duly  visaed by the Minister of labour and social insurance, for foreigners who wish to carry out  a  remunerated activity in Cameroon
- The authorization to exercise  a liberal profession or to promote an agricultural , pastoral, industrial, commercial, artistic or any other activity, issued by  the competent authorities, in case such authorization be required
- A  certificate or attestation showing proof of  a matrimonial relation, for couples, or a family relation,  for  minors
- An enrollment or reemrollment  attestation  issued by the  head of the  eductional establishment, for students
- A deed of  study leave for students in internship
- Visa fees: 180 euros

Beside the above mentioned documents, any application visa must be accompanied with a duely filled application form, two passport size photographs and a photocopy of the passeport, namely the identification and the validity pages.  The prsentation of all those documents doesn’t guarantee automatically the issuance of the visa